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Privacy and policy

The information requested by Wert Italia to the Customers are needed for the treatment and the validation of the quotations, the orders and the invoice issue. The absence of said data implies the automatic cancellation of the order. The registration to the Site implies the duty of supplying personal info to be true and sincere. The communication of fake info is contrary to what envisaged by the General Conditions in force and by the Conditions of Use of the Site.

Wert Italia is authorized to collect, treat and use the personal data communicated by the Customers. Such data undergo an informatic treatement.

Such activity is strictly ruled as for Italian Law 196 dtd 30.6.2003 about Privacy.

The Customers have the permanent right to access and modify of their personal data: any time the Customers can forward to Wert Italia a request so to check exactly which and how many personal data have been stored ( the access is strictly reserved to its own personal data). One’s own data can be modified under simple request.

Wert Italia is the only company holding the personal data of its own Customers.

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